About Her

Gandi Wellness center has been a business for over two decades; starting in 1993 from her apartment room, it has grown to be a well-known wellness center, especially in the  Filipino community.

In 1991, Gandi Villareal's son was born deaf with a rare disease called glycogen storage disease. For his whole childhood, her son was in and out of the hospital until he almost lost his life as a teenager. As a mother who was lost and distressed, she decided to learn about well-being and how to help the body become healthier and happier. In 2005, she studied acupuncture as an alternative to medicine to minimize the intake of medicine due to the unknowings of ingredients. She believed in natural remedies for healthier and better for the body.

Today, Gandi Villareal has her Masters Degree in Acupuncure and Oriental Medicine with many awards and achievements. She lives happily in Orange County with her family of four and works proudly in her clinic in Buena Park, California. 



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